Records of Ecclesiastical Parishes

The records of individual parishes are arranged according to the following scheme:

1 Registers:
Baptisms, Marriages and Burials.
2 Banns Books.
3 Terriers and Inventories:
Glebe terriers and copies;
Inventories of church plate and furnishings.
4 Tithe:
Redemption Certificates;
5 Benefice:
Charging Assessments.
6 Vicarage/Rectory House:
Mortgages under Gilbert Acts.
7 Churchwarden:
Accounts and Assessments;
Church Rates.
8 Churchyard and Parish Property:
Deeds etc.;
9 Fabric of the Church:
Correspondence etc.
[includes furniture and plate].
10 Vestry:
Minutes to 1920.
11 Briefs and forms for special services.
12 Constable:
Accounts and Assessments.
13 Overseers of the Poor:
Accounts and Assessments;
Settlement and Removal;
Union circulars etc.
14 Surveyor of the Highways:
Accounts and Assessments.
15 Charity:
Dole Books/lists;
16 School:
Log Books;
17 Enclosure:
Commissioners Minutes and Accounts.
18 Drainage:
Dike Reeves Accounts;
Acre Books.
19 Registers of Services:
Include Registers of (Strange) Preachers.
20 Parochial Church Council:
Minutes and Accounts from 1920.
21 Sunday School:
Roll Books;
Posters etc.
22 Printed:
Parish Magazines;
23 Miscellaneous:
Confirmation Registers;
Lists of Communicants;
Electoral Rolls;
Records of Village and Church Societies and Clubs;
Census and Tax duplicates;
Anything else.

Please see the catalogue entries for individual parishes, reference:

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Drawings etc of Lincolnshire Churches, houses etc, mainly by C Nattes

A Collection of Views of the Seats of the Nobility and Gentry of Castles Churches and Chapels The Ruins of Ancient Buildings and other objects within the County of Lincoln Executed at the latter end of the Eighteenth Century by Claude Nattes & others Artists under the superintendence of Sir Jos: Banks The whole Alphabetically arranged according to the Names of their respective Parishes in Four Volumes.

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Probate Records

An artificial fonds creating probate records from the Lincoln Consistory Court, Archdeaconry of Stow, Peculiar Jurisdictions, and Lincoln Probate Registry.

The main series of records are:
Administration Accounts [Ad/Ac]
Archdeaconry of Stow Administrations [STOW ADMONS]
Archdeaconry of Stow Inventories [INV]
Archdeaconry of Stow Wills [STOW WILLS]
"Aylmer" Wills [AYLMER WILLS]
Dean & Chapter Inventories [INV]
Dean & Chapter Wills entered in the Act Books [D&C/A ...]
Dean & Chapter Wills and Inventories [D&C WILLS]
Lincoln Consistory Court Administrations [LCC ADMONS]
Lincoln Consistory Court Inventories [INV]
Lincoln Consistory Court Wills [LCC WILLS]
Miscellaneous Wills [MISC WILL S, series A-Q]
Probate and Administration Act Books [A]
Sundry Wills [SUNDRY WILLS]
Wills, Administrations and Inventories of Peculiar Jurisdictions:
The Peculiar Court of the Dean and Chapter of Lincoln [D&C WILLS];
The Prebendal Court of Bishop Norton [BISHOP NORTON WILLS];
The Prebendal Court of Caistor [CAISTOR WILLS];
The Prebendal Court of Corringham [CORRINGHAM WILLS];
The Prebendal Court of Empingham, Rutland [EMPINGHAM WILLS; 2-EMPINGHAM WILLS];
The Prebendal Court of Gretton, Northamptonshire [GRETTON WILLS];
The Prebendal Court of Heydour [HEYDOUR WILLS];
The Prebendal Court of Ketton, Rutland [KETTON WILLS];
The Subdecanal Court of Kirton in Lindsey [KIRTON IN LINDSEY WILLS];
The Prebendal Court of Liddington, Rutland [LIDDINGTON WILLS];
The Prebendal Court of Louth [LOUTH WILLS];
The Prebendal Court of Nassington, Northamptonshire [NASSINGTON WILLS; 2-NASSINGTON WILLS];
The Prebendal Court of Sleaford [SLEAFORD WILLS];
The Prebendal Court of Stow in Lindsey [STOW IN LINDSEY WILLS].
Wills in the Bishops' Registers [DIOC/REG]
Wills in the Lincoln "Burg Book"
Wills in the Lincoln "White Book" [L1/3/1]
Wills, Administrations and Inventories in Keadby Manor [KEADBY MANOR/2/1]

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Tennyson Family Libraries, Letters, Manuscripts and Papers

Libraries, manuscripts, proofs, letters, accounts and other family papers of the Tennyson family.

The Libraries of:
Alfred Tennyson (1809 - 1892): About 4,000 books often annotated by the poet laureate. (TRC/AT)
George Clayton Tennyson (1778 -1831): Tennyson's father. 700 volumes from Tennyson's childhood reading. They include a Nuremburg bible and early travellers' tales. (TRC/GCT)
Charles Tennyson Turner (1808 -1879): Tennyson's brother and a minor poet whose Lincolnshire library contains many editions in their original publishers' wrappers. (TRC/CTT)
Hallam Tennyson (1852 -1928): Tennyson's son who became Governor General of Australia. (TRC/HT)
Emily Tennyson (1813 -1896): Tennyson's wife and the niece of John Franklin, the explorer. (TRC/ET)
And also some books belonging to other members of the family.

Letters: There are over 9,000 letters to and from Tennyson, family members and eminent Victorians, such as Queen Victoria
Edward Lear, Robert Browning, Henry Irving,William Gladstone, Julia Margaret Cameron. (TRC/LETTERS)

Illustrations and Photographs:Of Tennyson, his work and the places and people associated with him, including unique photographs by the pioneer photographer, Julia Margaret Cameron. (TRC/IMAGES)

Proofs: 200 publishers' proofs, some heavily corrected in the poet's hand. (TRC/P)

Manuscripts: These include In Memoriam, Tennyson's great poem about grief and loss, early drafts of The Charge of the Light Brigade and the little-known plays. (TRC/M)

Family Papers: Diaries, notebooks, sketch books, household and publishers' accounts, bringing alive the social and economic atmosphere of the 19th century. More of these records will soon be available(TRC/N; TRC/ACCOUNTS;)

Biography and Criticism: A comprehensive collection of books and articles, both contemporary and modern, dealing with his life and works. (TRC/BC)

Tennyson's works: An almost complete set of first and other important editions of the poetry. (TRC/W)

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